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Northwoods Memories Multimedia Productions L.L.C. is all about helping you preserve and enhance memories of past trips into canoe country. We would also like to assist you in forming futures that will become memories of this wonderful wilderness canoe area.  We would also like to assist you form futures that will become memories of this wonderful wilderness canoe area.  From our first trip into canoe country in the early seventies to the present, we have accumulated memories just as you have.

Quetico Canoe Quest Completed June, 2008
Bob Evans and Edwina Trout complete Quetico Quest

Our first and probably most extensive project is a complete set of bulletins covering pictograph sites in Quetico and BWCA and the immediately surrounding lakes (see comments by other paddlers about this project). We have visited most of the known sites in the past 20+ years and for the 2007, 2008 and 2009 seasons we have planned trips to revisit every one of those sites and visit the few remaining sites, which we have not visited in the past. During this same three-year period, Quetico Provincial Park initiated the "Quest".  This offering rewards paddlers who enter or exit each of the parks six entry points during the three-year period.  This three-year period was selected to end with the 100th anniversary of the Provincial Park.  We completed the Quest in July of 2008 and by that time had visited or revisited 31 pictograph sites.  In August of 2008 we visited or revisited another 9 sites.   For summer of 2009, we have planned two trips to 6 sites.  We probably will not visit the Mack Lake site as it is so far out of the way for Quetico travelers.  We are still trying to put together a trip to bushwhack into the Swartman Lake site since the northern portage trails into that lake were burned in the 1995 Bird Lake Fire.  The regrowth is so thick that the trails are impassable.  And we have reports of two other sites in the western part of Quetico where the evidence is sketchy, and the sites may or may not exist.  We are researching those sites.  During this time we have learned about 4 sites not previously known to us, and the two more mentioned for which we have sketchy evidence.   We have found the spiritual and cultural bases of these images very interesting and inspiring. We have spent countless hours reading and studying to provide background information for the sheets.  Hopefully we will be able, with this series, to help paddlers experience the sites, respect the sites and learn about the images and the people to whom they are sacred. This series of bulletins will greatly assist you in quickly finding the sites, identifying the images at the sites, and hopefully learning a great deal about the people who left them. Check in with us often as this series of bulletins develops over the 2008 and 2009 canoe seasons.

Our logo:  Sunday Lake LoonLike nearly every other paddler, we have fallen in love with loons. Our encounters with loons are among the best memories we have of canoe country. Over the years we have taken still pictures and video of loons from early May through the end of August and we have compiled these materials into a DVD feature "Quetico Seasons of the Loon". Some frames from this footage are included in our picture gallery. We have included in this DVD some spectacular footage of a mother loon feeding her chick, of a loon "flying" underwater, and of loon families developing through canoe season. We even included the pictures of a loon on Sunday Lake that became the star of our business logo.  The biology teacher in me included several sections on the biology and ecology of the loons. Watch for this DVD to appear as soon as the editing is complete.

We are also developing many other memories of canoe country. We were in the west end of Saganagon Lake when the Bird Lake Fire started in 1995. A feature DVD of that fire is in the editing process and will include pictures of the Falls Chain when burning leaves were falling into our canoe. The devastation of that fire was of historical proportions. The following summer I made a solo trip through the Falls Chain to film the burn damage and beginnings of regrowth. And we have recently completed a visit to the John B. Ridley Library on Dawson Trail to research the fire so we could complete an accurate story of the fire and the Falls Chain in '95 and '96.  Watch for that DVD in the very near future.

Other features are scheduled for the editing computer as time allows. The story of Dorothy Molter is a fascinating one. Logging was extensive in the area and when combined with interesting people involved makes a great set of memories. The engineering used in the logging industry is a whole story in itself.  We hope you will find them to be interesting. Our picture gallery includes some frames from these up-coming features.

Stop in again and visit us here as we develop Memories of the Northwoods.

- Bob Evans and Edwina Trout