Northwoods Memories Multimedia Productions


Last year we took our then 8-year-old daughter Lucy for her first trip into Quetico on the S-chain, Agnes, Jeff Lake loop and did she enjoy it. She never complained a bit, even while enduring the many clouds of mosquitoes and many portages the first day up to Silence last June. Finding the pictographs using your bulletins was easy and contributed greatly to the success of that trip with her. She can't wait to go back! It's never too early to start them. In a week we'll be taking our second daughter, Kristina, and hoping for another memory filled trip.

Dave Kaufman

A couple paddling the Agnes—S-Chain loop was the first of our clients to try Northwoods Pictograph sheets. While routing them, we asked if they were interested in pictographs. They were unexcited because they had tried unsuccessfully to find pictograph sites on a previous trip several years ago. We showed them the four pictograph sheets covering their trip and they were interested in trying them

When they returned from their trip, their first comments about their trip were that the pictograph sheets were awesome. They had used the sheets to paddle directly to the rock cliffs. They had no trouble finding the sites and all the images on each site. They said the information on the sheets was informative and interesting.

Blayne Hall
Owner of Williams and Hall Wilderness Outfitters

My first visit to a pictograph site was in Fishdance Lake. It was a cloudy, overcast day. It was quite mystic. I was in awe of these messages painted hundreds of years ago.

Recently I paddled solo into Lake Agnes. I took with me the Northwoods Pictographs bulletins for five sites on the lake. In my tent the night before I read every part of the material to be sure I was well informed.

I am not sure I could have found all the sites and images without the bulletins. The front-page maps made it simple to paddle near the sites. The picture from afar inside the bulletin took me directly to the rock face. Using the pictures in the bulletin I was able to easily locate every image. The text material about the images was informative and interesting. The experience left me wanting more information about the history of the sites and the meanings of the images.

Robert Edmunds DDS
Minneapolis, Minnesota