Northwoods Memories Multimedia Productions

Welcome to Northwoods Memories!

If you came to our site because of something to do with a previous trip into Canoe Country, you already have memories of the Northwoods. If you have not made a previous trip but are interested in learning about Canoe Country, it may be because you are planning a trip. If so, we hope your visit to our site will be the beginning of some wonderful Northwoods memories. Everyone is welcome here even if you are only interested in enjoying some of the photos and video clips of this magnificent area.

Though our site is young and just beginning to grow, you will find several areas that might fit in with your memories or provide the basis for some new ones. For starters try looking at these sections:

  • An introduction to us, and our history in canoe country
  • Information booklets describing some of the many pictograph sites in canoe country
  • A brief description of canoe country for those of you who have not paddled there yet
  • A multimedia Canoe Country Encyclopedia with lots of entries, audio files, and video clips about canoe country
  • Our blog, with its many stories about the area, the Ojibway, our experiences and other topics that may interest you
  • Our gallery of pictures from DVDs in the editing process that will soon be available
  • Links to resources you may enjoy.
  • Our developing store of multimedia presentations and products that we will carefully select to enrich your memories of canoe country
  • Dave Sebasta's photographic works of the majestic canoe country. Purchase note cards and prints of his beautiful photographs

Thanks for dropping in to visit. We hope you will return often and share memories of the northwoods with us. Please visit our blog and join in. We would love your input.

Smooth paddling and fair winds!

- Bob Evans and Edwina Trout