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A New Service on Our Website: Canoe Country Encyclopedia

Thursday, April 14th, 2011
submitted by: Bob Evans

News Flash: We are announcing a new service on our website: Canoe Country Encyclopedia.
For about 35 years we have been taking pictures in Quetico and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and for nearly 20 years we have been video taping in Canoe Country. We are now adding a section to our website that will be in encyclopedic form that will use a large number of carefully edited video clips, audio segments, and photographs. We are also expanding this multimedia approach to current pages of our website. Extensive cross referenced links will help you move around our site to gain the maximum possible information.
The initial page of the Encyclopedia will be uploaded in a few days and will be the starting point. As soon as it is on line and tested, we will begin formatting it into pages for ease of reference in anticipation of its rapid growth into many hundreds of entries.
Have you ever wondered what the Ranger Cabin on Kahshahpiwi Lake looked like before it was burned? Would you like to show others what the “bathtub” in Lousia Falls looks like? When you talk to your friends about what a portage is like do they look back at you with a blank stare? Well now you can show them short clips of some of the portages you have carried your canoe and pack over.
If you have never been to Canoe Country but are contemplating a trip you can scan the encyclopedia to learn about the area. If you have made a trip or two, you can learn about other areas and skills, or show your friends and family what your trip was like. If you are a long term paddler in Canoe Country, we hope you will be able to scan through the entries to find clips or photos of that bring back wonderful Northwoods Memories.
Join us in trying out the new Northwoods Memories Canoe Country Encyclopedia. We will appreciate your suggestions and comments here on the blog about the new entry.

For Future Paddlers: What about taking children?

Saturday, March 14th, 2009
submitted by: Bob Evans

We often are asked by friends about taking children on their first canoe trip.  On the first canoe trip my wife and I took together, we took our five-year-old daughter, Caroline (and our dog).  That trip covered the Lake Agnes/S-Chain loop in Quetico.  We endured significant rain for the first day and a half which I feared would end all future canoe trips.  The sun came out as we entered the south end of Lake Agnes and we camped in the meadow at the base of Louisa Falls during our second night out. We dried clothes, fished some along the shores and had a great dinner.  At that time the meadow was much more open than it is now, but it is still a great “hangout” campsite (more…)