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Back to Work

Monday, February 22nd, 2021
submitted by: Bob Evans

Nothing new has been added to this site in some time. But I am back to work. After some health issues, a new job, work on a big production project for a client, and preparing for retirement, I am now fully retired and back at work doing the things I love.

So what is new?

Today I finished uploading a revision of the site with several minor changes. But one large change is the addition of “Encyclopedia of Canoe Country.” This will be an ongoing project. During my dozens and dozens of trips into canoe country I have carried video equipment. Starting with an old analog three chip mini cam, I carried a 40 watt solar panel to charge camera batteries, as the largest battery ( about a pound each) I could buy for that camera would run the camera for 20 – 25 minutes of filming. I carried 6 batteries and the electronics to charge those batteries with the help of the sun.

When an equivalent digital camera became available, two batteries fully charged would power the camera for over two weeks. No longer was the solar panel strapped to the gunnels.

Now I am editing the nearly 2000 hours of raw film into many clips that will be loaded on my YouTube channel (Northwoods Memories, please subscribe) and linked to topics in the encyclopedia. Additionally, I will be researching and writing many other entries.

Please check out the beginnings of this entry on the site. Every time I update to add more clips and entries I will add a blog post under a new category “Encyclopedia.”

Also, now that I am retired I am powering ahead writing the book referencing the 73 pictograph sites we have researched over the last 35 years. Every site and every image on each site will be included. The photo processing is extensive and as of now I do not have an anticipated publication date. I will keep you posted!